Virus of a former ISO that was derezzed and triggered the rise of Clu


“I am the perfect weapon. Spread my pain… Infect the Net… Destroy everything in my path… My purpose is clear, everything is coming to an end”

Abraxas, formerly Jalen, was an Alpha-class ISO that evolved into a computer Virus and attacked the Super Computer.

Abraxas’ features are tall and thin, almost sickly in appearance, and his circuitry is yellow, with more of a “cracked” design to his circuits than traditional program circuitry. He wears a hood and a long black cloak over his right shoulder, all outlined with circuits. His primary weapon is his Identity Disc, and he also possesses a virulent plague touch.

When Clu and the Guardians began the ISO purge the event drove Jalen insane and he somehow re-purposed himself to be a Virus. With his new ‘upgrades’ Abraxas attacked the Security programs and Guardians infecting them to his cause. This was unfortunately what led directly to the Program:Terminate as before the coming of Abraxas Clu and the Guardians were losing popular support for the Purge. In fact some consider it most fortunate that he attack as a Virus because it brought the hate and fervor of the IOSs to the foreground as Radia and Ophelia could not stop the ISO destruction.

In the end Abraxas was killed on the Regulator carrier as he tried to absorb all of the ship’s energy. He was derezzed in the explosion that resulted.

It was the ease in which Abraxas moved and corrupted both Guardians and Security programs as shortly as Clu’s direct battle with the Virus did he begin his active campaign of conquest and Ordering Stability.


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