Loyal adviser to The Flynn and Warrior of the Users


Tron was a security computer program written by Alan Bradley, and in the Old World was taken prisoner by the self-aware Master Control Program and forced to play on the Game Grid. His legendary skills and devotion to the users turned him into a formidable warrior and Disc Arena master.

After the creation of the Digital World, Tron worked as a security program once again creating the foundation of the Guardians and their motto to Mend and Defend and Fight for the Users. Being a program from the Old World Tron could not survive in the Digital World and was slowly derezzing, even The Flynn could not stop it.

Instead of facing permanent Deresolution Tron instead had Flynn split his program into three sectors and infusing it into the Key Tools, the Sprites that would be the Guardians and last into his Core Program which would be downloaded into a select Guardian ever generation to up hold the highest ideals of the Guardians. Currently the Core Code resides in Guardian 452 the one called Bob.



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