Cyberspace, also known as the Net, is a level of the Digital World inhabiting all Computers. It consists greatly of complex systems and pathways connecting them, generally from the Sea of Simulation. Cyber Space is a very orderly place relying on this order to maintain itself. There are millions of systems on in Cyber Space, not all have a direct connection with the it. When they are directly connected they are referred to as ‘online’. The only way to get into an offline system without opening it to Cyber Space is by a portal.

The Net is inhabited by several types of people: Basics, ISOs, Viruses, Nulls, Code Masters and virals.

Webspace is concidered one of the greatest threats to Cyber Space’s existence. The creatures there will destroy anything they find that does not come from the Web. The only way to get from Cyber Space to Webspace is by a portal, there are no other methods of direct access between the two dimensions. Inhabitants of Cyber Space that are somehow stranded in the Web quickly begin to degrade, known exceptions are Guardians and ISOs.

Web Creatures have difficulty remaining stable while in Cyber Space and must feed on the energy of native inhabitants of Cyber Space while they are there.

Viruses are programs in Cyber Space that try to destroy, corrupt, or control systems and people on in the Digital World. They are feared and hated by almost every other program in Cyber Space. Aside from the Web Creatures they are considered one of the greatest threats to the orderly functioning of the Net, particularly chaos viruses like Hexadecimal.

If a system in Cyber Space is destroyed it will leave behind a massive tear and a great deal of debris. The Edge of Beyond is a destroyed system that was possibly destroyed by the Web.

The largest and most powerful system in Cyber Space, if not the Digital World, is the Super Computer. The Guardian collective lives in the Super Computer and polices the entire Cyber Space from there. They fight off any threat that would try to harm systems or people. If a Web Creature is found in a small Computer like mainframe, they will sacrifice the Computer to keep it from opening a portal and allowing the Web to invade Cyber Space.

Clu controls the Super Computer, and is using it in order to conquer the pathways all of Cyber Space. While he doing it he is being slowed because he does not have access to the Key Tools or The Flynn’s Identity Disc.

Cyber Space is always growing exponentially and was quickly becoming impossible for the Guardian Collective to police something that Clu is also discovering.


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